FARM’s Healthy Relationship program:Couples Reconciling to be Outstanding Parents (C.R.O.P.)

With emphasis on reconnecting families and repairing relationships, the C.R.O.P. program is designed to give all parties the skills needed to confront, adjust, heal and most past the issues that are currently keeping the family a part. We understand that all relationships are not destined for reconciliation. However, what C.R.O.P. emphasizes is the need for parents, children and extended family members to constructively address their familial discourse in a way that allows for continued parenting and family support. This is primarily done through family counseling, where a counselor trained in evidence based practices, will work with the family, encouraging them to adopt better attitudes, communication, and conflict resolution practices.

Couples Reconciling to be Outstanding Parents (C.R.O.P.) outcomes: Once completed, participants will be better prepared to deal with relational, family, and systems related stress.

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