Despite tremendous obstacles, African American and minority communities are resilient, and if provided with adequate and culturally competent resources, would thrive. At The Foundation for the Advancement and Rehabilitation of the Marginalized (The F.A.R.M.), we have taken steps to fill the void with programming that chooses to specifically address the needs of families seeking to improve their skills, knowledge and education in ways that benefits the entire family unit.

Our goal is to improve communities, one family at a time.

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Participants are provided with the methods and skills needed to be a better parent and role-model to their children.


FARMing Support Group

Scheduled bi-weekly, the FARMing support group, allows for a safe place where men can discuss many of the ills that are currently plaguing them and their families.

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Participants are provided with the methods and skills needed to effectively deal with their destructive anger related behavior.



Focused on raising our next generation one child at a time...


Rikers Island re-entry project

Through our Rikers Island re-entry project, we are honored to be among those working to provide hope and guidance to youth and young adults (16-21) housed on Rikers Island.

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Participants are provided with the skills needed to recognize and refrain from engaging in potentially volatile situations within the household and beyond.


FARM’s Healthy Relationship program

With emphasis on reconnecting families and repairing relationships, the C.R.O.P. program is designed to give all parties the skills needed to confront, adjust, heal and most past the issues that are currently keeping the family a part.