FARMing Support Group

Scheduled bi-weekly, the FARMing support group, allows for a safe place where men can discuss many of the ills that are currently plaguing them and their families. Participants are encouraged to share openly, and when possible to give advice/encouragement to members who are in need.

FARMing Support Group outcomes: The FARMing Support group will serve as a bi-weekly reminder to our participants that they are not the only ones going through problems as a result of being a man of color raised in an urban environment. As a result, they will begin to build up their networks of not only the staff at The FARM, but  also of new found friends who share similar backgrounds.

For those that are still overcome with trauma related grief, The FARM will make a referral to an appropriate service provider, who will then provide client with a higher level of care.

Note: These services are voluntary and are available to all eligible persons, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

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